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Hitman 3 is an action-packed game that involves stealth, developed and published by IO Interactive. The game is the most recent; in fact, it is the 8th official instalment of the long-running Hitman series and the third in the hitman trilogy following the reboot under IO Interactive. Hitman 3 is the final instalment and conclusion of the World of Assassin’s trilogy following hitman, which came out in 2016, and hitman 2 in 2018.


Just like the previous installations of the series, you get to play as Agent 47, who is a ruthless, no-nonsense, and well-trained assassin. In the game, you are supposed to travel around the world and pull off some contracted assassinations on some criminal targets in the best way there is, without raising the alarm.

To make things as quiet as possible, you get to dress up in various new disguises to sneak around without being made out. You can knock out enemies and hide their bodies and even use some of the most unusual objects like bottles and briefcases to take out the potential threat.

Exciting Game Modes

Campaign mode. The Hitman 3 campaign takes Agent 47 through the most important contracts in his entire career as it brings the world of assassin’s trilogy to a conclusion.

Escalations. New and more complicated elements are introduced to you as you progress with your contract. Your game skills will be maxed out as there will be many kinds of complications thrown into the game like added security guards and security cameras, restrictions on disguises, and many situations that create a challenge.

The elusive target mode. Here you get to track down a criminal target and come up with a plan to eliminate the target without any assistance and instincts.

The sniper assassin mode. In this game mode, you are expected to eliminate targets and guards from a long-range using a sniper rifle without triggering the alarms. Completing your task with only one shot increases your score.

New Locations

The game will feature six new locations from the real world, including Dubai and England, bringing a more realistic and detailed taste to the game.

For players to experience a deeper immersion into the game, Hitman 3 accommodates VR for some consoles. If you previously owned the other games, you can import maps and carry your progress onto Hitman 3, enabling you to continue from where you left.

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