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Alan Wake Remastered is a cinematic action-thriller developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Epic Games Publishing.

Alan Wake, a disturbed author, begins on a desperate hunt for his vanished wife, Alice. Following her strange disappearance from the Northwest pacific of Bright Falls, he finds chapters of a horror fiction he claims to have written but has no recollection of writing.

Wake is left asking his sanity as the series progresses before his sight, page by page: a hostile force of magical darkness is stealing over everyone it meets and twisting them against him. He has no option but to fight the powers of darkness, equipped only with a light, a revolver, and the shattered pieces of his consciousness. His harrowing trek to seek answers to the mind-bending conundrum he faces will take him deep into the night.

Alan Wake Remastered includes the original game and its two-story supplements – The Writer and The Signal. The suspenseful, episodic story is full of plot twists, fierce bursts of action and heart-stopping cliffhangers, where more than guns are required to dispel the darkness. The game’s cutscenes, odd range of actors, and breathtaking Pacific Northwest scenery have all been improved for an encounter that is as visually stunning as it is unsettling.