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Atlas is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) 1st-and-3rd-person fantasy pirate adventure that was developed by Grapeshot Games and Instinct Games. Grapeshot Games is the publisher of the video game and it was released on 22 December 2018.


The game hosts up to 40,000 players who simultaneously explore the same Globe, with a scale of conflict and cooperation that is unprecedented. In the game, the player stakes their claim in the endless open world as they conquer territory, hire a crew to join their powerful growing armada, plunder settlements, assemble forts, construct ships and search for buried treasure,

The player will start small and then expand their spheres of influence from the small island, up to a pirate empire that’s unstoppable spanning across the oceans. They will wage war against the fleets of enemies as they single-handedly command large warships using the captioning system (alternatively, the player can divide the responsibilities among lieutenants who are trusted), or take control of one of the weapons directly with their own character.

Dive Into Briny Water

The player will dive deep into the salty water and explore permanent sunken wrecks to recover salvage. They will unearth the loot from the Treasure Maps that are procedurally-generated and challenge zones, or they can complete challenging main questlines.

Multiplayer Online Game On the Grandest Scale

With the amazing proprietary server network technology, players can physically sail across the vast oceans. Explorers will voyage to more than 700 unique landmasses across a total of 45,000 sq km, with hundreds of thousands of Discovery Zones plus 10 distinct world regions. Each region has its own unique resources, environmental hazards, creatures and secrets. For players who do not want to play any PVP, there’s a separate PvE ATLAS.

Constructing the Ship

Players can build the ship of their dreams, plank by plank. They can construct drydocks and begin with a dinghy rowboat, nimble schooner or tiny sloop, moving on up to their versatile brigantine or their own titanic galleon that can transport hundreds of crew plus extensive cargo. Also, the player can paint plus copy their own pirate flag, name their ship in bold letters and custom-place the pieces of their ship to function exactly how they want.