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BIOMUTANT is a fantastic game that is up and coming from the Swedish developer Experiment 101 and published by THQ Nordic. It is a role-playing, action-filled game that really is hours of fun and entertainment. A game that is certainly not to be missed! It will be released for Playstation, Xbox and Microsoft Windows in 2019. There is not long until you will be playing it! This game has been long awaited and is likely to blow you away. It is a smart, action-packed game that will certainly be talked about as soon as its released.

What BIOMUTANT is all about!

When you start playing BIOMUTANT for the first time, you will need to customise your own character. This will be a racoon type animal. You can choose the fur colour, length and even weight. Once you have done this you will find yourself in a world of mutated animals. You will then have the ability to build yourself a weapon before discovering the world that you find yourself in.


The plot is very much dependent on options that your character chooses as you work through the game. There are branching storylines dependent upon what option you decide to choose. However, the game very much centres on the tree of life. The tree finds itself being poisoned by a pollution spillage. This causes the mutated world that you will find yourself navigating through.

The game is action packed and you really will not know whats ahead of you as you take part in the story line. It is game that you can relate to and sympathise with which really helps to make it realistic, even though it is a fantasy based game. It is definitely one to look forward and enjoy. You will be having hours of fun as soon as you have tried it once! The game is very well engineered and has excellent graphics. Much investment has gone into this game to ensure that it is a great success which it is very likely to be.