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Crusader Kings III: An Heir is Born is the latest sequel from Paradox Development Studio set to be released on 1st September 2020. It’s a follow-up to one of the most renowned strategy games ever produced by the company. Crusader Kings III not only comes with a host of innovative ways to help the gamer guarantee the success of their house, but it’s also being touted as the successor to a broad legacy of historically imposing strategies.


The player gets to choose a noble or royal house from numerous kingdoms indicated on a map, and which stretches from India to Iceland and from Central African to the Arctic Circle.
Once you have settled on a realm, you will need to lead the house through various centuries. In the course of your leadership, you have to ensure the power and security of each upcoming generation. You will, thus, need to collect new titles and lands to help you to cement your legacy.
During your reign, you will have to choose between striking out as a loner or becoming a pious king who can bring all religious powers to his side. If you opt for the former, you will have no other option but to come up with a splinter religion. It’s a move that can either guarantee you eternal damnation or earn you fame for many years to come.
Crusader Kings 3 is designed to help you experience the pageantry and drama of the middle ages thanks to the incorporation of Viking raiders, pilgrimages, peasant revolts, and knights.

Character Development

When starting the game, you will have an option to take on one of the five available lifestyles. Depending on the chosen character, you will either get to perfect your kingdom management skills or your military strategy.
You, therefore, have to start amassing character traits that you will use to guide every single action you take. On the other hand, you have to make sure that the actions you take don’t go against your true nature. If for any reason, you end up not living to your most authentic self, this may bring with it a set of problems.
Some of these actions will involve selecting the right guardians to look after your heirs. Otherwise, you could train the heirs as opposed to handing them to someone else. Remember that every action has a consequence, which calls for you to make sure that the heir is up to the task that lies ahead.
Selecting a violent character means the character may, with time, start developing a terrifying standing. It’s the kind of reputation known to cause timid subjects to cower due to the dread the mere mention of their name inspires in the residents.


Warfare, as with all the other Crusader Kings games, is an integral part of this sequel. Supplementing the royal levies will involve recruiting powerful knights and man-at-arms units.
While at it, you also need to research emerging technologies to help you to increase the military might and wealth of the house.
Given that the military may not always be enough, you need to use the realm’s wealth to hire Holy Orders and mercenaries to assist the realm in winning all its major wars.
Warfare techniques will also be applied to assist you in supplementing the wealth of the house. For this, you will need to make good use of raiding parties carried out on neighboring realms where you get to capture prisoners who are then ransomed at a later date.


Crusader Kings III: An Heir Is Born is also filled with intrigue. Apart from seducing the other characters for political power or love, you will have spymasters at your behest to help you to discover any plots that are being made against your rule and your dynasty.

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