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The game emulates a world hit by a pandemic that turned several humans into cannibals known as freakers. The remaining humans left the city and settled in forests, creating safe zones to protect themselves. From the time the virus hit the world, people became violent and uncontrollable. Deacon, Sarah, and Boozer tried to seek safety by fleeing.

In the game, Sarah is the wife, and Boozer is a friend to Deacon. When fleeing, Sarah was stabbed and badly wounded. Deacon had to evacuate his wife using a helicopter owned by the National Emergency Restoration Organisation. They had to separate since the plane had no room to accommodate Deacon and his friend boozer.

After the fallout

Deacon and Boozer are survivors of the pandemic. They move towards the wastelands in the Pacific Northwest, stay in one location for a short time, and relocate to another. During this period, they take on odd jobs of hunting in exchange for supplies to survive. Deacon then realizes that some people have put a price on his head, making them plan on moving further northwards to evade being killed. They could not move northwards since the assailants destroyed Deacon’s bike and injured Boozer.
As time continues, civilization collapsed, and the number of freakers continued to grow. The two continued working as bounty hunters. All this time, Deacon believed that Sarah was dead after finding out the freakers took over the NERO camp. Deacon then follows a trail after noticing NERO helicopters which led him to O’Brian, who evacuated Sarah. O’Brian confirmed that Sarah might be alive since the flight was diverted midway to a different campsite.

Game Play

The setting of the game is in an open world. As players, one can choose to use an aggressive method or using stealth approach. Different stages contain a different number of enemies to fight. At night freakers become more deadly and violent. One also faces threats from uninfected animals such as wild dogs.

Gamers can carry a minimum of two firearms. Gamers can also use crude weapons such as machetes and axes. To improve fighting capabilities, one can craft new weapons such as bombs and Molotov. Deacon’s bike is also vital during the game as it stores ammunition and supplies needed for the game.
Players can customize the bike to suit different environments. The game contains a mini-map and a fuel simulator. One needs to scavenge for fuel to ensure the bike has enough to avoid being stranded. One will have to bear with different weather conditions that make traversing more difficult. Rain makes the road slippery but makes it easier to sneak. Snow gives freakers a higher advantage since it reduces visibility.