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DOOM Eternal is a forthcoming first-person shooter (FPS) video game that was developed by Id Software. Bethesda Softworks is the publisher of the game. It is the sequel to Doom, which was released in 2016.

Platform to Play DOOM Eternal

Bethesda did not announce the platforms; however, players can safely expect a PC, Xbox One as well as a Play Station 4 release. Also, there is a high chance people will see this coming to Switch, given that its predecessor was launched on Nintendo’s platform.


The player once again assumes the role of the silent, unnamed space marine wearing a suit of grey-green powered armour, who after being tossed into an extended journey to parts that are not known as the player’s reward for tearing and ripping their way through a Mars’ demonic invasion, finds themselves transported to Earth. Only that it is Hell on Earth because The Legions of Hell, known to be cruel, have invaded the birthplace of humanity.

The Legions of Hell

The Legions of Hell have demolished everything that the Earth once was. Typically, there’s nobody left to save plus nothing left to protect. Now, all that is remaining is vengeance. The player uses their bare hands, chainsaws and guns to be that vengeance.


Bethesda stated that this game is going to provide more hectic action than its predecessor. DOOM Eternal will have a more powerful DOOM Slayer plus more foes than before. The game will take place on Earth this time; its predecessor had the players fighting enemies on Mars and Hell.

Shotguns Are Better

The weapon of choice for the Doom Slayer in promotional materials is the double-barreled shotgun.

Lightning Bruiser

The developers claimed that they are going to put more emphasis on the speed and power of the Doom Slayer. There will definitely be more features than this, but fans will not find out until August during QuakeCon.

When will Fans Know More About the Game?

Bethesda announced during the Electronic Entertainment Expo a full reveal of the game will be on 10 August during the QuakeCon.