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F1 2020 is a game that can be played on a gaming console such as a Playstation or Xbox. Players are able to create their very own F1 team, create a driver and choose the sponsor. Players are also able choose their engine supplier, build the facilities that are desired and build the whole team in order to reach the top of the table. Created by Codemasters Software Company, the game is the only one of its kind currently on the market and is one of the most popular games available currently.

Technical aspects of the game
F1 2020 boasts a split screen option meaning that you can race against your friends to retain your top spot in the league. The game also features steering assist meaning you can race like a pro, regardless of the condition of the track.

The game also offers players a very realistic experience when playing – the graphics are excellently clear and modern, all the official teams and drivers are available to play with and the commentary and gameplay is extremely professional and realistic. There are 22 circuits to choose from as well as two bonus options called the Hanoi circuit and circuit Zandvoort.

It is worth noting that an internet connection is required when downloading the final teams’ cars and if you are interested in the F2 Championship, there are season lengths available which enables even more gameplay and career options as a player.

User reception
The game has received overwhelmingly positive reviews- so much so that it reached the number one spot in the UK gaming sales charts. However, the game is enjoyed worldwide, especially for those who are avid F1 fans.

Platforms available for purchase
The game is available to purchase as a hard copy in all relevant stores. In terms of download options, the game can be purchased for Plystation, Xbox, PC and Google Stadia. If you’re looking for the console versions digitally, you can access these via the Playstation store or the Microsoft store. The basic version of the game is around £44.99.

If you’re a F1 fan or even a driving game player, then this game is a definite for you. With realistic features, incredible gameplay and footage and hours of fun, this is a game that has the positive reviews to back the claims. With twelve other editions behind F1 2020, players known that this really is a tried and tested game with great success.