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The platformer battle royale game Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout was developed by Mediatonic, a British video game developer. The publisher of the game is an American video game publisher know as Devolver Digital. On 4 August 2020, Fall Guys was released for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.


Fall Guys draws inspiration from several game shows, including Wipeout, It’s a Knockout, and Takeshi’s Castle as well as kid’s playground games such as British bulldog and Tag. It’s a Knockout was a British game show that required its participants to wear oversized costumes. This show inspired the idea that all the game characters should be unique and badly designed to handle the task that they were given.

The ragdoll physics were intentionally implemented because falling over is funny and the developer didn’t want them to be the same as the characters of hyper-athletic Ninja Warrior. The designs of the characters were inspired by vinyl toys look. To ensure the spirit of game shows and playground games was maintained, the developer came up with an internal rule that required games modes to be explained in 3 words.


The game features a battle royale-style gameplay whereby a maximum of 60 players are competing in matches. The maximum number of players was initially 100, but the developer decided to reduce this number to make the game more exciting. The jellybean-like figures represent the players in the game. They move around a 3D playing field and have additional moves like diving, climbing or grabbing, and jumping to help make the gameplay fun.

Aim of the game

The goal of the game is to qualify for the coming rounds by finishing all the mini-games that have been selected randomly. Some of the mini-games have elements of teamwork, while others involve the players running towards a line marking the end of the race. In each selected mini-game, obstacles will appear on the map to add complexity. Any slow player or those who don’t fulfil the requirements needed for a mini-game will be eliminated. In the final round, the players who will remain will get a chance to compete in the final, which will involve a randomised mini-game suitable for a small number of players. The last player standing will become the winner of the game.


Mediatonic merged with Sega corporation to include the costume of Sonic the Hedgehog into the game on 14 October 2020. Other costumes in the game are of characters from various games, including Jacket from Hotline Miami and Scout from the multiplayer FPS game Team Fortress. On 3 November 2020, Mediatonic also partnered with Toho Co., Limited to include the costume of Godzilla in the game.

In-game Currency

Kudos – an in-game currency – allows you to buy cosmetics and emotes for the character that you’ll show off in the game. To obtain Kudos, players have to complete matches and get the premium currency called Crowns after winning. The game also supports microtransactions that players can use to buy additional in-game currency.