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Farming Simulator 22 is a video game that was developed and published by GIANTS Software.
The game is based on a remote farm where you are supposed to do crop protection, fertilization, and take care of the soil. The game has two modes; single-player or multiplayer but you will start a single player and as you advance, you can team up with other players online. The game is a competitive one and you will advance from one level to another unlocking features and potential to use in your farm. The first level starts with the growing activities in the farm and knowing when the crops are ready to harvest. Harvesting the crops marks the completion of each level. The game is a thrilling one and you will have to have to over obstacles such as bending of the mature crops that makes it challenging to know whether they are ready for harvesting.

Farming Simulator 22 levels

Once you proceed to level 2, you can access the multiplayer mode and challenges you need to overcome increases since will have to plough the farm and remove the unwanted crops. The wanted crops are weaker than the unwanted crops. In the process, you can break the real crops, and the only way to win it to be conscious when weeding. You will start the game without farming machine; but as you advance you will access farm machinery for every level that you unlock. To increase production, you can lay or mulch your farm with withered crops to increase soil nutrients and prevent water evaporation.

Securing Farm Contracts

As you proceed to advanced levels, you can make contracts with real people. You will enjoy extensive experiences as each of your game levels gets harder. The best way to handle the game is by involving yourself in more than one contract to maximize on returns and win the game in time. It is always good to counter check the contracts since some of them take long hours, and the more the hours, the more chances of losing the game because you will have to repeat same move over and over again.