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Grounded is an all-new adventurous and survival game. It delivers a whole new experience in the outdoor world. The game was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by XBOX Game Studio.

Released on 28th July 2020, Grounded is an emerging and groundbreaking imaginary storyline worth taking a keen interest. It puts you in a situation where you shrink to the size of an ant. Now you have to thrive alongside giant insects fighting your way to survival in the outcasts of the backyard.

Reactive new world

In the surprise of anyone experiencing new activity happening, curiosity will be the key to make a new world seem familiar. You can now explore the immense new world where insects give a reaction basing on what you do. Navigation of various terrains will only be possible through the help of giant insects.

Building up tactical base

Basically, the backyard is filled with different kinds of bugs. Examples include spiders, bees, ladybugs and dust mites. In the game, each insect has a role to play; spiders hunt you down, ladybugs show you potential places to find food. Aphids act as a food source.

The good thing is that the game has an accessibility option for the players who have arachnophobia to explore their fears. For the case of water provisions, as a player, you need to cut down the grass to collect dew droplets. However, as you proceed with the game, it becomes more difficult and the number of enemies increases.

All through the game, you will have to scavenge for resources to defend yourself from dangerous enemies, especially in the night time where insects become aggressive and hostile. These resources can design different tools, weapons and traps (axes, bows, spears and arrows).

Player base

The online cooperation in the game can allow you to face the challenge alone or together with two other friends. Do you have issues with the language setting? Do not worry about this as the game is available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Remember that as a player, you need to maintain your stamina as the character becomes exhausted in the duration of combat.


The game has its storyline set in the 90s basing on teens who have to unveil the mystery of why they shrunk to the size of ants. Explore your fears as you discover the secrets lurking in the dark.