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The Minecraft Dungeons is a video game designed and developed jointly by Mojang Studios alongside Double Eleven and published by Xbox Game Studios. The video game is categorized as an action-adventure genre with both single-player and multiplayer mode. The game was first launched on the 26th of May, 2020, for Xbox One, PlayStation, Windows, and Nintendo.

The Gameplay of the Minecraft Dungeons Video Game

As opposed to Minecraft, this video game does not focus on an open universe; neither does it feature mining or construction. Somewhat, the video game was styled as a hack and slash dungeon crawler, delivered from an isometric point of view. Video gamers traverse through procedurally created and hand-designed dungeons full of casually-created giant beings. The video game does not have class categories for players, and therefore video gamers are free to utilize any weapon they prefer. The video game features four-player local as well as online multiplayer modes.

Development of the Minecraft Dungeons Video Game

Minecraft Dungeons was designed and developed by Mojang Studios, and Double Eleven developed its console ports. In the original version, Minecraft, having succeeded, Mojang Studios conceptualized an idea that could render something new to the Minecraft world. The video game was previously aimed at becoming a single-player dungeon video game, influenced by The Legend of Zelda series.

Among the critical tests the development team encountered was to find a way of incorporating the gameplay of other dungeon-crawl video games such as Diablo into the Minecraft universe. Owing to the fact that Minecraft characters were not given any unique abilities, the developer had to find other options to features like character class that is traditionally incorporated in video games of this genre. The developer’s answer was to create weaponry and armor that the video gamer could render stronger via enchantments, enabling the video gamer to explore their imagination by customizing.

Furthermore, the developer, Mojang Studios, aimed at streamlining the conventional dungeon crawler. The developer aimed at changing the game experience into a more accessible one. To provide the skilled video gamers a challenging experience, the development team included alternatives to alter the video game’s difficulty, something that would award video gamers with enhanced equipment and new hidden information for playing on more challenging difficulty levels.

The Synopsis of the Minecraft Dungeons Video Game

Both the original Minecraft video game and the Minecraft Dungeons are established within the same imaginary universe, referred to as the “Overworld,” consisting of 3D objects —basically cubes and fluids. The universe represents different items and is occupied by harmonious as well as aggressive mobs. As opposed to the original version, Minecraft Dungeons incorporates cut-scenes.

The beginning cut-scene narrates the tale of an Illager named Archie, who was expelled from his home. As he was looking for another home, he encountered resistance from all the villages he went to. Then one day, Archie came across an antique object referred to as the “Orb of Dominance,” which gave him magical powers and manipulated him. Having become powerful, Archie now wanted to seek revenge against everyone who had mistreated him, and he conquered several villages. Video gamers take the role of warriors, who are on a mission to destroy the Arch-Illager, whereas setting villages free, fighting giants to progress to the next level. Eventually, the video gamers will encounter the Arch-Illager in his palace, dismantle Dominance’s Orb and release Archie from its control.

How Minecraft Dungeons’ Classes and Progression Work

The Minecraft Dungeons video game gave up the conventional class-based structure of the previous versions and replaced it with the gear-based system. It implies that the character’s capabilities and gameplay are hinged solely on the weaponry and armor which the player uses. The video game features five classifications that a player can use to customize the gameplay. They include:

  • Melee: This involves the player’s melee armament, for which the player has several options to select from, including swords, glaives, axes, and gauntlets. All these armaments are comprised of strengths as well as weaknesses while playing the game.
  • Enchantments: Enchantments are not considered gears but instead are viewed as additional items the players can add to their weaponry and armor. A single piece of equipment comprises up to three enchantments, most of which are drawn from a pool of potential enchantments. Using these enchantments can help players change the combat’s drift and rapidly enhance the player’s strength.
  • Artifacts: These are powerful objects that give the players capabilities, which include things such as inflicting an enormous amount of destruction to rivals, healing friends, and also mobilizing allies that combat the enemy alongside the player. Each video gamer is allowed to pick three artifacts.
  • Ranged: The player’s ranged armaments are objects such as crossbows and bows, and the player has numerous options to choose from. Some of the bows have the capability of firing several projectiles, or blow up upon impact, or even trace rivals.
  • Armor: The armor allows the players to advance their health and defense; therefore, it is necessary. Similar to armaments, there are numerous types of armors that give the player different capabilities.

Does the Minecraft Dungeons Video Game Comprise of an Endgame?

As the player advances through the game, new procedurally-created regions will open up, with a group of new mobs to combat, loot to amass, as well as quests to finish. However, as soon as the player completes the prime story, the difficulty levels are accessible. Currently, the game consists of three difficulty levels starting from Normal level to Adventure and ultimately concluding on the Apocalypse level. Each tier is a single step challenging than the previous step and opens a range of new powerful gears for players.

At the moment, this is the endgame for Minecraft Dungeons, essentially consisting of replaying tiers until the player finds the best gears at the topmost difficulty level. The developer stated that they are developing an improved version of the endgame in the future.

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