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Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord is an ARPG that was developed by the Turkish video game developer TaleWorlds Entertainment. It’s a prequel to Mount and Blade Warband.

Early access

In late 2016, a Steam page for this video game was created. In 2017, the developer started releasing weekly developer diaries that detailed elements of the game. On 30 March 2020, TaleWorlds released an early access of Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord.


The game takes place on a fictional continent of Calradia. The time is 210 years before Warband, during the downfall of the Calradic Empire, which led to the establishment of the forerunners of the factions appearing in Warband. The weapons, clothes and architecture of all factions are inspired by their 600-1100 A.D real-world counterparts.


The game will include 8 major factions, each featuring competing minor factions that have their own goals. Based on Byzantium, Rome and Greece, the Calradic Empire once owned a large portion of Calradia, but it has since become weak due to the onset of a 3-way civil war and invasions from other people. All of the Calradic factions use a balance of archers, spearmen and heavy cavalry, including cataphracts.


The fundamental gameplay premise of Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord is the same as preceding entries in the series. You will build-up a group of soldiers and perform quests on a hanging campaign map. Battles are played out on battlegrounds that allow you to fight in combat alongside your troops. However, Bannerlord features significant improvements to a lot of elements of gameplay.

Relationships between characters

The game will allow you to use an advanced dialogue system and try to convince non-player characters to start doing things they want. When you are conversing with a character, you will have to fill up the progress bar by pushing their arguments. The character will give in after you have filled the bar.


In Bannerlord, sieges are designed to be more strategic when compared with Warband. Before the battle begins, you may build a range of different siege engines, then strategically place them to target a certain selection of your enemy fortifications.