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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a pioneering battle royale game, developed by the PUBG corporation. Featuring staggering 100-player matches, immerse yourself in the battle royale atmosphere, where the last man standing wins. Each player begins with no weapons or equipment – jumping from a moving plane on one of the two stunning maps available, players will need to find weapons and armour, and survive fast. With a constantly shrinking playable area forcing players into smaller and smaller space, the tension kicks in as close quarters combat begins. Team up with your friends in the squad playlists, or dominate the battlegrounds solo.
Boasting regular updates, with massive additions to the content available in the game, there’s no guessing what great content might be hosted on PUBG next. Regular updates are accompanied by responsive gameplay, with stunning graphics and a variety of tools at your disposal you can find.

Regular updates

At release, the game contained one main map – Erangel – a greenland of mountains ripe with sniper spots, and many towns to stage your final stand at. After months of refining however, a second map was released to the pleasant surprise of veterans of the game. Miramar, a desert map featuring everything from dense cities to long open roads, features a variety of new and unique weapons and vehicles to the map in order to add even more variety in gameplay. This is allegedly far from the last implementation of new content, and the future will only bode more new content to satisfy our battleground needs.

Stunning graphics

Utilising the Unreal Engine, the game boasts phenomenal scenery on all graphical settings, with the optimisation available in this experienced engine. Both maps feature massive detail and professional design with stable performance.