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SCUM is an online survival game that has a multiplayer option and is characterised by an exceptional extent of character customisation, control, and progression. The long-term survival of a character is solely dependent on skills and knowledge. Gamepires and Croteam develop the adventure game then it is published by Devolver Digital. SCUM was launched in August 2018 and is currently distributed by Steam.

What is SCUM Game All about?

SCUM involves 64 players per server who are on an island. They make attempts to survive and flee the island by getting rid of an implant that is harmful, and that stops them from leaving the island.

Here is the fun bit of the game. A player will gain fame points by taking part in several action-driven events or by managing to survive in the harsh environment. The acquired fame points give a player the ability to be cloned back in the case of death. Besides, the fame points can be used as currency for transactions in the several safe zones.

Player Skills in SCUM

All characters will have four significant skills which include intelligence, strength, handiness, and constitution. These skills will be part of the playstyle. A player is required to apply all the skills to be able to survive in a hostile environment.

More about SCUM

The present size of the SCUM game map is 12by 12km, and a player will be in a position to craft their compass. With time, the game is expected to be in both first and third-person perspectives. In this case, a player will be able to alternate between the 1st and 3rd person. SCUM is making use of the Unreal Engine 4, and the language used to develop it is C++. Besides, SCUM will be a non-session game attributed to it having a persistent world.


SCUM game developers urge players to follow the official social media handles of the game so that they continue to give suggestions, complain and get notified of all the latest developments of the game. It is an adventurous game worth trying and enjoying!